European Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

Learning outputs (ECVET and/or EQF-8): ECVET points as a mean of measuring the non-formal learning, and to have it validated. EQF as a framework for qualifications for Lifelong learning all over the EU, whose certificate are useful for young participants wanting to work abroad.

The learning and training activities play an important role in this output. They are the ones that provide young participants with the skills (soft and hard) to start up socially and with the Certificates once they have completed the 3 stages that make up the methodology. Participants attending to the 4 pilot social start-up trainings delivered in each one of the countries received the corresponding certificates.

The curriculum had been developed using European transparency tools EQF and ECVET.

The curriculum was developed for implementing the training in both face-to-face and blended learning scenarios and it was translated into all partner languages.

Business Incubator leads the curriculum development and is responsible for basing the curriculum on ECVET and EQF principles. This includes the following activities:

  1. EQF Level assignment based on the Profile
  2. Comparative analysis between EQF and the National Qualification Frameworks of the partners countries, in order to  establish a EU correspondence between all.
  3. Development of the Training Modules organized in Units of Learning Outcomes detailing:
    • Learning Outcomes in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Competencies ( the complexity of the Learning Outcomes is directly related with the EQF Level assigned to the training)
    • Learning Hours ( in order to attribute ECVET Points)
  4. Development of ECVET tools to be applied in the future
    • MoU, Learning Agreement, Personal transcript.