1. International ConferenceCartell Jornada Emprenedoria Social

The final conference of the project was held in Barcelona in October 24th, 2018.
You can check the program here: link pdf (català, English).

The Training Methodology (the whole cycle) as well as the results that come out of it was presented by all the partners. It was showed to the audience the online social platform with its modules and the organisations explained how it all went with participants. It was also an opportunity to exchange experiences with youngsters, trainers and people for several social business of the city.

The Training Guides for the creation of social Start-ups were also available for the public to take.

Some impressions of the day here.

2. Local/Regional Conferences

After the Final Conference, Eduforma in Italy, McSence in Scotland and Businees Incubator in Bulgaria held local/regional conferences with the aim to present SUYSE project, the Training Methodology (the whole cycle), the results that come out of it and also the Training Guide translate to the local languages.

Find details about the local multiplier events in the news section.